Review of Virginia Records for evidence of origin of William Colyar of Washington County Tennessee and family:

I also reviewed book Entry record book 1737-1770: land entries in the present Virginia counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick counties by Marian Dodson Chiarito copyright 1984 and found this book to just show names and very brief description of the acres granted. This was Great Britain way of encouraging settlement –allowed tax exemption (or no rents) on land usually about 400 acres grants was common in this book. The grant required so much to be cultivated and or so many head of cattle. This book shows Wm Collier, William Colyer, Richard Colyer, Thomas Colyer, John Colyer , James Colyer and Joseph Colyer. No real indication of who these me were….not real useful.

Review of TN State Library F232.P7 c53; Entry record book, 1770-1796: land entries in the present Virginia counties of Pittsylvania, Henry, Frnaklin, and Patrick…copyright 1988 by Marian Dodson Chiarito:

There were no Colliers listed , but several Colyer included John Colyer, Ambrose Colyer, Thomas Colyer and William Colyer.

1789 Jno Colyers mentioned in deed on Branches of the Frying Pan and Old Woman’s creek on Colyer’s line.

  1. July: Jno Colyer 100 acres on the Branches of Old Woman’s Creek between the Order line Kooks and his own lines assigned from Mr. Allen to Jno Colyer another 50 acres to John Colyer on Sandy creed of Dan.

1770 August: Wm Colyer 400 acres on Sycamore Creek at the mouth of the Catttail Fork up and down creek both sides.

  1. August: Thomas Colyer 400 acres on Old Woman’s Creek at the mouth of Loops Branch.

Jan 20 1794 Marriages Pittsylvania County—Ann Collier daughter of John Collier . Ambrose Collier consents.

Abstracts of Henry County Virginia Deed Books I and II 1776-1784

By Lela Adams, Southern Historical Press, Greenville S.C.

1778—page 188 mentions a John Colyar as a witness to deed concerning "certain tract on the south side of Smith River adjoining COLLYER on the south side and running up said River…."

1780 survey made of Henry County shows John Colliar with 336 acres on Leatherwood Creek.

1780 survey also shows Richard Collier with 292 acres.

Abstracts of Henry County Virginia Deed books III and IV August 1784-June 1792

3 February 1785 Charled Collier buys land both sides Bowen’s Creed 218 acres

page 34 23 September 1784 Charles Collier buys 73 ¾ acres on Bowen’s creek for 25 pounds

pages 65-66 27 October 1784 Charles Colier sells part of land on Bowen’s creek 73 ¾ acres for 90 pounds

page 413 John Collier sells slave April 5 1788

page 4-5 Aug 26, 1784 Richard Collier sells 229 acres both sides of Praythors fork of Mayo River.

Pages 80-81 24 March 1785 Richard Collier buys 50 acres in Bartlett Foley’s survey area

Pages 81-82 24 March 1785 Richard Collier buys 100 acres

Abstracts of Henry County Virginia Deed Books V and VI Oct 1792 through December 1805

Southern Historical Press, by Lela Adams

Pages 107-108 John Collier of Pittsylvania county (which was predecessor to Henry county)

Sells in October 29, 1793 351 acres on the branches of Leatherwood Creek to Charles Dickerson.

1778-1780 tax lists of Henry County VA by Lela C. Adams c1973 F232.H6 A35

shows listing name for 1778 and 1779 of Richard Collier

John Collier

Charles Collier

Thomas Collier

For 1780 shows:

William Collier

Richard Collier

John Collier

The 1787 census of Virginia : an accounting of the name of oevery white mail tithable over 21 years copyright c1987 F225.Y36 1987 by Netti Schreiner-Yantis; Forene Speakman Love

1787 Henry county page 669 shows Richard Colyar assess personal prop tax

Prince Edward County shows Charles Colyer

Charles City County shows Charles Collier

Kings Queens county shows Jno Collier Sr.

Greenville County—shows John and Moses Collier . (this would agree to Chalkley’s John and Sisley Collier will / estate showing Moses collier as beneficiary.

King Queen County census shows: John Collier Sr.

John Collier Jr.

Mary Collier (deceased ?)

Catherine Collier

Benjamin Collier

Joseph Collier

Charles Collier

Census shows a William Collier in Mecklenburg County. ( you can see his Revolutions war pension claim in Whites Extract of pension claims…says he had no heirs)

Surry County shows:

William Collier charged with tax on Stephen Collier

Martha Collier

Lucy Collier

Stephen Collier

John Collier

Howell Collier—charged with tax – Stephen Collier

Northumberland County:

Wm Collier.

Complete Index and abstract of the Henry County Order books #1 and #2 1777-1782 by Charles Blunt IV , copyright 1978 by Birarwood Publications Tn State Library F232.H6 B5

Oct 1779, people appointed to view road that John Collier found round his plantaton

  1. Richard Collier paid tobacco for bringing in one wolf’s head

Nov 16, 1778 Deed from David Haley to Richard Collier Sr. ( note…see A.E Hart publication on Richard Callaway family where in talking of John Collier of Rockcaslte county who married Grizzilda Taylor and the Richard Colyer who vouched for pension applicatoin…..this could be his father since it refers here to Richard Sr.)

Colonial Wills Henrico County Virginia 1737-1781 F232.H4W44 TN State Library-----

Shows a Charles Collier appointd admin of estate of Rachel Mundin in March 1762.

Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia: wills, inventories, and accounts 1759-1800 by John Gott copyright 1972-1976 Tn State Library F232.F3 G6

Richard Colyer paid estate of Henry Munzey Sept 23, 1765

p.25 Will of Richard Luttrell Sept 10, 1764, leaves house and land 70 acres to son Samuel where John Colliers formerly lived and bounded by me.